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Atelier Vostok

Un Sedicesimo 19b

Che mi passa per la testa?


The Alexis Rom Estudio ::: Atelier Vostok issue has been made without using a computer: the printing film was processed entirely by hand, tracing and gluing pointed shapes, made from scraps of paper and then made to overlap. After that the printing plates were impressed and produced used traditional methods: the result is a sixteen-page "adventure in photolithography" of faces and objects.

Alexis Rom Estudio ::: Atelier Vostok is a workshop of ideas, experimental graphics and visual communication based in Barcelona and Milan. Set up by Alexis Rom and Claude Marzotto, the Atelier spirit is that of a creative workshop with fused languages and techniques.


ISSN:  1972-2842 #

Curator:  Pietro Corraini

Binding:  staples

Pages:  16

Width:  17.0

Height:  24.0

Edition:  2010