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Toni Meneguzzo

Un Sedicesimo 18


The third year of Un Sedicesimo is coming to a close with an issue by Toni Meneguzzo. During a passage to India, the author was struck by the sacred cows that crossed his path. An assortment of paint, vegetable wreaths and varying sizes of cloth decoration, the way they are adorned is often confined to a very limited area or a particular village and can change radically only a short distance away. This striking custom is illustrated in a series of clear and direct photographs against a neutral background.

Toni Meneguzzo is a photographer and researcher. The forty years of his career have been marked by a constant interest in study and experimentation. Certain photographic methods have become synonymous of his style, including the large size Polaroid photographs he created during his time as a fashion photographer, and his current sequence photo videos. His in-depth studies also include landscapes, female nudes, abstract eyes and holy cows. After a long and successful career in the world of fashion, he now devotes his time to photography of design and architecture. His work has been exhibited in various different countries and has appeared in the top international magazines of photography, fashion, lifestyle and design.


ISSN:  1972-2842 #18

Curator:  Pietro Corraini

Binding:  staples

Pages:  16

Width:  17.0

Height:  24.0

Edition:  2010