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Mathery Studio

Un Sedicesimo 37

The Sample Book


Mathery Studio collects samples of various products and frees them of their status as non-objects by adapting them to be used in new and unusual ways. The Sample Book is a small catalogue of products (handbags, lamps, paperweights, spinning tops…) that have been created using only samples, creativity and a DIY spirit.

Mathery Studio (Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli), as a multidisciplinary design studio, works on a diverse range of projects: from product and set design to art direction, video and photography.
Erika and Matteo met in 2009 while both studying Product Design in Milan. In 2010 the pair launched a blog with a simple premise: 100 days, 100 objects. 100 whimsical, and sometimes irrational, ideas brought to life in all their immediate tangible glory. Throughout 2011 and 2012 the duo designed a new eyewear collection “Buratto”, curated DIY design columns for several clients and continued to run workshops and talks. In 2013 the pair decided to relocate to Melbourne, Australia, eager to step outside their comfort zones.
This bold move paid off seeing Mathery work collaboratively with several creative studios in film, styling and direction and implementation of projects. Their travels also gave life to resin housewares series “Fruit Wares”, the collection have been later included in the permanent design collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. The Gallery invited Erika and Matteo to take part in the “Melbourne Now” exhibition and eventually commissioning them to redesign the immersive kids space.
Recently the “Pastello-Draw Act” exhibition won the Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2014 for event category.


ISSN:  1972-2842 #37

Curator:  Pietro Corraini

Binding:  staples

Pages:  16

Width:  17.0

Height:  24.0

Edition:  2014